Services & Products

I am naturally predisposed towards finding pragmatic solutions to multi-faceted “wicked problems.” 

My zone of genius lies in facilitating connections and building the relationships that are necessary to execute big projects that involve multiple stakeholders. 

My services are all based on a holistic model I developed that I dubbed Verbinding. The essence of Verbinding is that positive impact arises when you combine harmony and progress.

Leadership & Change Management

As a seasoned Program Manager with 20 years of work experience, I have a track record of successfully executing major change initiatives with a wide variety of people and organizations. 

Nexus & Impact Strategy Development

As a generalist with broad experience and interest, as well as a PhD researcher, I specialize in developing pragmatic strategies that are doable and achievable.

Coalition Building & Community Guardianship 

As a natural communicator, I bring disparate parties together, building coalitions of “unlikely allies” – people/organizations who are NOT like-minded, but bring needed perspective and new ideas