Hallo – This is Somaye Dehban, a Dutchified Iranian – I have a dream – call it a vision if you will – I want to live in a world with true personal freedom of choice, equality of opportunity and the ability for people to thrive, and this is balanced with a personal responsibility to contribute to the collective good.

To achieve this, I became a Nexus Strategist where I combine Harmony and Progress to bring about Positive Impact. That’s why I am launching a series of podcasts on Tuesdays starting from this October to share this dream with you and hear your feedback and views.

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In these podcasts I cover various subjects from various angles:

Every 4th Tuesday of the month you can listen to Your Curated Kin where I delve into the personal side of my story: about being in exile, being a mother and being an equal partner. I also share about my creative work, from poetry and stories of my upbringing, to Persian fusion food and handcrafts.

In other podcasts, I talk about my PhD research focused on enhancing our collective efforts to make sure we achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030;

I also share my analysis on what is happening in Iran and the Middle East and how that impacts us as Dutch citizens and Europeans;

Lastly, I explore innovative fundraising for community based activities to move towards the exit point of development aid;

As a Nexus Strategist I apply Change Leadership to the context in which I operate and together with a coalition of unlikely allies, I develop pragmatic strategies to not only bring about the change we envision but to maintain and sustain it. 

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You can do this by going to my website:

Until then – bedrood.

You can do this by going to my website:

Until then – bedrood.