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Listen to stories, reflections and lessons learned from my experience as a fundraising consultant, PhD researcher, activist, Iranian in exile, creative and mother. As a Nexus Strategist, I connect seemingly unrelated ideas, people and sectors, proposing synergy-based solutions for sustainable change.

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Scale Your Impact

Wanting to amplify and measure impact? Explore research-based ideas on how we can collectively speed up our progress towards the SDGs. The content is inspired by my PhD research at Rotterdam School of Management and other trusted publications.

Coming out every first Tuesday of the month.

Your Native Analyst

Wondering what is really going on in Iran and the Middle East and how that impacts the Netherlands and the EU? Join me as I zoom in on political events that are usually not picked up by the mainstream media and contextualize the news from this region. 

Coming out every second Tuesday of the month.

Your Funding Network

Looking to drive change but find the current fundraising approaches not sustainable? In this podcast I propose ways in which we can exit development aid so that we can move towards true financial stability for every community-based organization and initiative.

Coming out every third Tuesday of the month

Your Curated

Struggling to find your circle either in your own native land or some other place on this planet? Listen to the personal side of my story as an Iranian in exile, an activist, a creative, a mother and an equal partner, and find out how I’ve curated my kin over the years.

Coming out every fourth Tuesday of the month.

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Latest Episodes

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In Episode #2: The Mule, I talk about the Islamic Republic of Iran’s political system and how complicated and yet straightforward it is. This complicated

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