Closing Gender Gap by Acknowledging Motherhood as a Social Function

It’s funny that we blame society for everything, but when will we realize that we are society?

Kishma Foy

Welcome to the second edition of the Your Curated Kin newsletter, a monthly curation of personal stories that have shaped my personality, relationships and career. The content is inspired by my intersectional experience as a Dutchified Iranian in exile, an advocate for equality of opportunity and placing the community at the center of our programs. 

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In this issue, you can access the second episode of Your Curated Kin podcast where I talk about how to close the gender gap by recognizing motherhood as a social function as stated in CEDAW. You can also read an article I wrote on being a Strategic Connector and the new initiative of VVD & D66 for LGBTQI+ community representation in European Politics. You’ll also find the announcement related to my new business, Somaye Dehban – Community Guardian.

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Somaye Dehban