Wicked Problems & Catalysts to Step Up the Pace towards Achieving the SDGs

Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive: easy

to govern, but impossible to enslave.

Henry Peter Brougham

Welcome to the first edition of the Scale Your Impact newsletter, a monthly curation of research-based content exploring impact measurement, cross-sector partnerships and ways to scale our collective impact so that we can achieve the SDGs by 2030. The content is inspired by my PhD research as well as by my cross-sectorial work in academia, politics, NGOs and the private sector.

I appreciate your interest in the newsletter, hope it will add value to your work and look forward to reading your comments and feedback. 

Read on to discover the introductory episode of the Scale Your Impact podcast, which will accompany this newsletter as well as two articles that will give you an overview of my PhD research: ‘Embracing the Complexity (Wickedness) of Our Collective (Inter)Connection’. You’ll also find an invitation to my upcoming free event on 30 October at Academiegebouw in Utrecht: ‘Verbinding’: Tackling Social & Work Divisions through a Synergistic Model. 

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Somaye Dehban