Wicked Problems & Catalysts to Step Up the Pace towards Achieving the SDGs

Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive: easy to govern, but impossible to enslave. Henry Peter Brougham Welcome to the first edition of the Scale Your Impact newsletter, a monthly curation of research-based content exploring impact measurement, cross-sector partnerships and ways to scale our collective impact so that we can achieve […]

From MDGs to SDGs

 Towards a more proactive elaboration on Sustainable Development i.e. more about opportunities! Our ecological emergency demands proactive choices, not reactive sideswipes. Timothy Morton Welcome to the second edition of the Scale Your Impact newsletter. This monthly curation, is inspired by my PhD research as well as my cross-sectorial work in academia, politics, NGOs and the […]

Episode#2: Social Function

In Episode #2: Social Function I share with you why I learned to ask for help and support from my community when I was a single mother, and why considering motherhood – and by extension parenthood – as a social function can help us close the gender gap.  Available on Transcript What amazed me the […]

Episode#2: Back to Basics

In Episode #2: Back to Basics, together, we go over the 6 basic yet essential questions of fundraising that are developed by Linda Lysakowski – my mentor in fundraising. I go through each of these questions and provide straightforward answers for each of them. Available on Knowing how and why donors like to give, knowing […]

Episode#2: The Mule

In Episode #2: The Mule, I talk about the Islamic Republic of Iran’s political system and how complicated and yet straightforward it is. This complicated political system creates a lot of room for the Iran’s government/regime to manipulate not only its own population but also the other governments.  I make a comparison between this political […]