A Nexus approach that connects people and sectors - not in spite of, but because of their differences

Let’s work together to drive inclusive positive change.

Tired of working and thinking in ‘bubbles’? Doubtful of the SDG impact you’re actually making as an organisation, public institution or community?

Discover a three-step synergystic approach that will help you build coalitions of seemingly unlikely partners and pragmatic strategies for SDG impact scale-up. As a Nexus Strategist, I bring (back) balance and harmony to the organisational, political and community contexts in which we operate.

I don’t only offer a series of recommendations but also help you identify root causes and biases and roll up my sleeves to work with you on both implementation and scale-up. As a result, we can future-proof your organisation and together, create systemic change. Check out the approach.



Build your roadmap to measurable SDG impact

Gain an in-depth understanding of the context in which you operate, bring seemingly unlikely allies together and translate your collective vision into a step-by-step plan towards measurable SDG impact. Before we can move forward, we need to know where we’re standing, and to know where we’re standing, we need to look back and see where we’re coming from.

Systematic Review

We'll first identify the underlying assumptions of the problem and ensure a clear distinction between the symptoms and the problem. We'll examine the market, competitors, (potential) threats and major opportunities.

Guiding Coalition

We'll then set up a coalition of (unlikely) allies to lead the change. Promoting synergistic action, the coalition will be open to everyone who has something to say and contribute.


We'll collectively (re)define the vision and mission and put together a realistic strategy to get there. We'll establish clear steps, responsibilities and required investments, and will determine the achievements to be celebrated along the way.



Foster collective responsibility, implementation and celebration

Leverage synergies based on identified strengths, ensure communication and a joint effort towards the vision, and take the time to celebrate success. Guided by a collective ‘why’ and a coalition that stays accountable, we create an environment in which people can thrive and stay excited about the next win.

Stakeholder Engagement

We'll ensure constant communication among all the parties involved: what we're going to do, why it matters, why now and why this way. We'll encourage everyone to search for inspiration and explore non-traditional ideas and actions.

Forces Aligned

At this step we start changing the failing systems and structures. Through engagement, alignment and a high tolerance for risk, we create an empowering environment that generates action and kick-starts a ripple effect.

Deserved Recognition

Having previously defined the achievements to be celebrated along the way, we'll ensure that everyone involved is brought into the spotlight and recognized for their contribution whenever a milestone has been reached.



Move from incidental growth to impact at scale

See your organisation celebrate collectively-driven results and ensure a sustained positive impact towards the SDGs. With the first ambitions now a reality, it’s time to evaluate and improve the process so that we can take on new challenges that address the deeper layers of change.

Agile Integration

After celebrating the first achievements, we repeat the process for the next goal in the journey; only this time we'll be able to do it more effectively and efficiently. We evaluate, identify bottlenecks and make sure to change all the policies and procedures that are slowing down the process.

Merging Powers

By this point we'll have gained credibility. And with more people invested, we expand the team and support everyone in becoming bolder and ever more empowered to create change as a harmonious community. We make sure to go far and together, not fast and alone.

Culturally Anchored

At this stage we see clear performance and can easily articulate the connections between new behaviors and organizational success. We ensure that good leadership and management are nurtured and a clear succession is defined so that if/when they leave, the whole entity can keep flourishing.

Let's discuss how this nexus approach can be applied to your organisation's reality and accelerate your road to SDG impact.

Who's the approach for?

Working in a for-profit or not-for-profit sector?

What if we replaced the People, Planet, Profit model with the 5Ps of the SDGs: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships?

Through this nexus approach we can connect the private sector, NGOs, civil society, government and academia to develop inclusive solutions and work more effecively towards the SDGs.

Working in politics?

What if a model of compromise were to be replaced by one of synergy?

The decreasing trust in Dutch political institutions requires the polder model to be revisited and perhaps upgraded. Let's use this synergistic approach to foster a more constructive dialogue in the political arena.

Working in academia?

What if researchers’ recommendations were to be celebrated like those of royals and influencers for a change?

By using this nexus approach, we can work together to bring academia closer to the public and move towards a point in which decision-making at all levels is informed by research and real facts.

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