Having a continuous stream of funds is a challenge yet a must for NGOs and educational institutions as well as Social Enterprises and Startups. Dehban Consultancy provides tailor-made solutions to your fundraising needs, based on your projects, your target audience, your network and prospective donors. We are an independent and creative group (coordinated by Somaye Dehban) that selects our clients based on our values which are equality, inclusion and diversity. We focus on clients and projects with a social and environmental impact, where transparency and sustainability are cross-cutting matters.

Sustainability of your work is our concern: fundraising is an ongoing activity within any organization to ensure an interrupted stream of funds for your programs. Hiring an external fundraiser could be a quick solution to your needs but it is not a sustainable one; therefore, we emphasize on long-term plannings and encourage our clients to develop internal capacity for fundraising activities. We follow the methodology of Linda Lysakowsky for our trainings, and provide mentorship after the training. Dehban Consultancy believes in (conceptual) innovation and social impact through sharing. “Sharing is Power”!

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In the Spot Light:

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) provides the following definitions for the two terms of Development and Fundraising: Development is the “total process by which an organization increases public understanding of its mission and acquires financial support for its program”. Fundraising, on the other hand, is defined as the “raising of assets and resources from various sources for the support of an organization or a specific project.”


I have had the pleasure of working with Somaye for two years in my capacity as Chair of the University College Alumni Association. Among many things, she has been a driving force behind the system of class- and regional representatives that the UCAA has set up, and has put in much effort to further strengthen the cooperation with the UCU alumni office. I have come to know Somaye as passionate, loyal, dedicated to her goals and ideals, and an inspiring person to work with
Claire Stramrood, MD, Ob/Gyn Resident (gynaecoloog in opleiding) & PhD candidate Ob/Gyn (November 2012)
I have very much enjoyed working with Somaye during the time we both served on the board of the University College Alumni Association. I’ve found her to be a very sociable, passionate and hard worker, who will often go above and beyond to reach the goals she’s set out to achieve. She would make a great addition to just about any team.
K. Coleman, Chair of University College Alumni Association (July 2011)

Somaye Dehban has been involved in Anglia Summer Activities for 5 years and has always supported the organization in a positive and professional way. First, she was a teacher assistant and a catering support, later she grew to a position of group teacher, then head teacher, taking full responsibility.
A. Augustijn, Director of Anglia Network Europe (July 2011)

…I am getting to know Somaye as a highly motivated student deeply committed to studies within Comparative Women’s Studies and especially to Muslim Feminist Approaches…Somaye has amazingly fast settled in within the networks of Gender Studies…she has been cooperating with colleagues of mine regarding websites and translations of Dutch family law. Moreover, Somaye has been part of the student organisation…she has within a short period of time become participant in most of what our rather generous program can offer in terms of lecture series and seminars…as we read her rather impressive file before accepting her to our program, we had no doubt that her ambitious reach will take her far. Somaye comes off as extremely organized, reliable, and studios. She is a well-rounded, sociable and highly motivated student with outstanding professional qualities. This is why I can highly recommend her to you.
C. Åsberg, Associate Professor, Dr. Linköping University, Sweden (February 2008)

…Somaye has demonstrated commitment and hard work in pursuing her research on CEDAW. In addition, she has been of great assistance to the UN Theme Group on Gender, the UNFPA focal point on gender, the UNFPA Representative and a local NGO working in the field on Gender Based Violence. She proved to be conscientious, thorough and dedicated person. Her education background, knowledge, skills and team spirit make her quite competent to serve as UN professional staff in the area of gender…
M. Abdel-Ahad, UNFPA Representative (January 2009)
Somaye had been cooperating with Radio Zamaneh as a freelance journalist/Radio broadcaster for years…Besides being a joy to work with, Somaye is a person who takes charge and is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. Creativity, finding her way around, thinking out of the box are Somaye’s most valuable competencies. She is a reliable and committed employee. Her natural positive attitude and flexibility are a big asset of her. I highly recommend Somaye…she is a team player and would add value to any organization.
K.P. Aali Pour, On-line Marketing Manager and Radio Broadcaster (November 2010)

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